Our mission

Our mission is to make you to feel like a Queen.

Our products are designed to boost your confidence with curve-hugging cuts, perfect fit and extremely comfortable materials. Our high-quality pieces are designed with passion for twerking and made responsibly in Finland with care for the environment.


It was a common wednesday back in 2016, when an university student Marika was taking a long hot shower after her twerk rehearsals. The idea of an Empire for twerkers popped on Marika's mind and kept spinning there for months.

After gathering some courage, Marika finally decided to talk about her idea to other business students in her group at the uni. The reception was so engouraging that Marika decided to develop the idea further. After almost 2 years of product development, market research and branding, Marika published Twerk Empire with the support of her team mates. Twerk Empire's first twerk shorts became a phenomenon among the Finnish twerk community as the word started spreading - there was finally an online store that got twerkers' needs covered: bootyful bottoms made especially for twerking.

After Marika's graduation at 2019 she decided to jump into full-time entrepreneurship with Twerk Empire - an online store that had started as a small school project, but kept growing as a startup.

Today, Twerk Empire delivers responsibly made clothing for twerkers all over the World.


Designed with passion for twerking together with the twerk community.

Made responsibly in Finland, using the finest Italian fabrics.

Loved by Twerk Queens all around the World.



Our designs are made to flatter the curves of your body and make you feel confident and comfortable. Our mission is to empower people all over the World through twerking and flattering twerk clothing. You deserve to feel like a Queen!


Our products are responsibly made in Finland. We support women-owned small businesses in our production. Everyone in our supply chain gets paid fairly and works in good conditions in companies that are committed to ethical working hours, laws and policies.

We produce only small quantities at a time in order to avoid overproduction and textile waste. Our products are made to last of high-quality materials. You can use and wash your TWRKWEAR garment time after time, and it stays buttery soft for years of use.

Our packaging materials are either biodegradable, re-usable or recyclable. We avoid using plastic in packaging. We prefer carbon neutral carrier services.


Our customers are our top priority. As a small business we truly care about each client. Without you, the Empire wouldn't exist. We do everything we can to live up to your expectations. This shows in every are of our business - from our design process to our customer service.

If something goes wrong, we hope that you make us aware of it and give us a chance to fix it. We want to get feedback in order to improve and get better. Your happiness is our happiness.

Caring for people goes also to caring for the planet. We only have one planet Earth, so let's take care of it - together.


Twerk Empire is more than a brand. It's a community of Queens. We believe that coming together and supporting each other makes all of us stronger.

We don't only listen to your wishes and feedback - we truly hear you and take them into action in our design process. We are proud to say that our collections are designed together with you, for you.

We don't use professional models in our catalog and we don't airbrush or manipulate bodies in our photos. The people you see on our online store's product pages and our social media channels are part of our community. They are our real customers, twerk dancers or people who have applied through model calls that are open to everyone. It's the real people that use our products, so we want to keep our photos real as well.

With being said that our products are used by the real people, it is the real life where the products are used. That's why we love to see and share our customers' images wearing our products - real moments from real life. Tag us to get featured on social media!

Twerking is where it all started, so twerk community will always have a very special place in our heart. We spread the joy of twerking around our home country by organizing twerk classes and taking our twerk tour to every corner in Finland. In addition to our own twerk events, we also support twerk and dance events organized by others from local battles to national championships and everything in between.


We are a small woman-owned business, which supports other small woman-owned businesses in their supply chain. We help keeping people employed in the small clothing industry in Finland meanwhile almost all the Finnish brands manufacture their garments abroad.

When you buy from a small business, your order really counts. It helps keeping someone's dream alive, it helps keeping people employed and it helps taking care of the community and the planet.

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