Made in Finland

Feel like a Queen
by wearing our revolutionary twerkwear.

Designed with passion for twerking by @marikajuliana.

Made responsibly in Finland, using the finest Italian fabrics.

Loved by Twerk Queens all around the world.


Absolutely the best dance shorts: they fit well, they are flattering, the waist is high enough, the pants aren’t too tight so you’re able to shake your booty, but yet they stay on place. The best purchase ever: that’s why I bought a second pair right away!



I already have 6 to 7 Twerk Empire’s booty shorts, because they are simply the best! The material is very high quality and the shorts stay well in place. High waist is a great plus. They are so comfortable to wear that after these you don’t want to wear anything else. They don't only look great, they also feel great!



Smashing fit! The World’s most comfortable biker shorts.  Just the right lenght. You don’t have to ever fear that they would be see-through. I love the high-rise waistband! A big recommendation!



Best bikers ever! They fit very well. Seam-free front is a great plus! The fabric is stretchy, nevertheless it doesn’t get loose. Feels great on the skin. Not too tight either, so the booty is able jiggle well.



These biker shorts feel very wonderful on the skin. They fit and stretch well and the fabric is beautifully shiny. In these shorts, even black doesn’t look too harsh, but the tone is somehow beautifully soft. These bikers work in every situation!



These bikers are the best! They fit very well, look good and stay in place in every situation. Very lightweight and comfortable. Thumbs up for the high waist too.  I can totally recommend!



You deserve to feel like a Queen.