Twerk Tutorials: Level 3
Twerk Tutorials: Level 3

Twerk Tutorials: Level 3

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Twerk like a pro! By adding level 3 to your routine, you will learn techniques that are rarely taught on twerk classes. Now you can learn how to make your booty go round like a cyclon and much more! With this tutorial you will not only learn completely new moves but how to spice up basic moves like the bear position. Level 3 will make you look like a pro on the dance floor, and you can learn all of it while staying at home!

Pro Tip: Combine level 3 with floor work tutorial and WOW everyone with your killer moves.

How does the video work? After the purchase you get to download the file to your device. Make sure you have enough storage - we recommend using a computer or a laptop rather than a mobile phone. Once you have downloaded the video, you can upload it into a cloud service in order to save your device's internal storage. You can watch and rewind the video as much as you want. There are no limits, once you buy it it’s yours for good!

Teacher: Iida



Story behind the tutorials:

A worldwide crisis called COVID -19 closed down dance schools and left many dancers miserable. Two friends, Queen of the Empire Marika Tuominen and finnish dance teacher Iida Suuniitty decided to do something to make the situation better. They are both entrepreneurs so they also had to come up with some new ideas to survive this chaos themselves. They put together their bright minds and came up with the idea of twerk technique tutorials, that would be easy for anyone to follow at home.  They made it all by themselves, used all their creativity and power to make you the perfect twerk tutorials. It was important for them that anyone, no matter what kind of twerking experience they had, could find the perfect tutorial for them. Now people would have the chance to feel like a queen everyday, just staying at home. Marika and Iida wanted to cheer up people, give them energy, confidence and strength, because they have experienced the empowerment of twerking themselves.

Iida and Marika have been twerking for over 5 years together. They have been performing all around Finland for years everywhere from nightclubs to big festivals. Now Iida has been teaching twerk for couple of years and Marika on the other hand has improved twerking scene with her perfect twerk shorts. Twerking is a huge part of both of their lives and so is their friendship. Now they decided to collaborate and share their love with you.  

The tutorial series includes 5 different twerk technique classes. Each level (1-3) offers you at least 5 new twerk moves from the easiest to the most challenging ones. Floorwork and Headstand are special classes that give you the possibility to learn outstanding techniques and tricks. One tutorial is about 15 minutes long and guides you through the techniques step by step. All the tutorials are made in english and the moves are filmed from many angles in order to make it easy to learn for all the customers all over the world.

The tutorials are desinged to be as their best as a whole package. Every tutorial continues from a previous level and complete each other perfectly.

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